Surgical oncology is best defined as the management of tumors, including cancerous tumors, using surgery. A surgical oncologist uses techniques to diagnose, stage, and treat various cancers, as well as control symptoms related to cancer. Dr. Anton Bilchik specializes in surgical oncology at the John Wayne Cancer Clinics, located on the garden level of Providence Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, California.

Prior to deciding whether or not a patient is a candidate for surgery, a surgical oncologist takes many different factors into account. The surgeon will look at the type of cancer, as well as its size, location, and stage, to determine the best treatment method for each patient. Additionally, a patient’s age and fitness levels, as well as any other medical conditions that he or she may have are also taken into consideration prior to surgery.

Surgical oncology incorporates much more than just surgery to remove a tumor. It also involves pre-surgery treatments that are nonsurgical, such as chemotherapy and radiation. Your oncologist monitors all of your treatments to help prevent the growth and spread of cancer, as well as its recurrence. Depending on the location and type of a tumor, a surgeon may become a specialized surgical oncologist for a particular area of the body. By doing so, the oncologist is experienced with surgical techniques, treatment plans, and advancements in medicine that allow their patients to achieve the best possible outlook.

Dr. Bilchik is an internationally recognized scientist and oncologist surgeon, who has dedicated his work to improving staging in colon cancer, and minimally invasive techniques for liver and pancreas cancers. No two patients are the same, and, with a personalized approach to cancer care, Dr. Bilchik ensures that each has access to the most current treatments available. Contact Dr. Anton Bilchik at the John Wayne Cancer Clinics today to learn more.